Trial Management Group (TMG)

Trial Manager

The Trial Manager is responsible for overseeing the running of the trial on a daily basis.

Senior Trial Manager

The Senior Trial Manager provides high level oversight and advice for the trial

Admin Staff

The admin staff provide support to the trial manager, organise meetings and handle general trial queries.

Dr Eva-Maria Holstein

Clinical Co-Investigator


The statistics team have overall responsibility for the extraction, analysis and reporting of all clinical trial data.

Database Team

The database team build and manage all databases used to capture and securely store data and participant information during the trial.

Dr Alaa Abouhajar

Nichola Waugh

Health Economics

The health economics team study issues relating to cost-effectiveness of treatments and the cost incurred by patients due to different treatment methods.

Qualitative Research & PPI

The qualitative team conduct research which seeks to understand the experience of patients to make treatments more relevant. They also convene patient and public involvement groups to get input into various aspects of the trial.

Medical Physics

Medical physics are responsible for the development and oversight of protocols relating to the rhinospirometer and PNIF meters used to measure nasal airflow in the study.

QuinteT Recruitment Intervention

The QuinteT Recruitment Invervention seeks to analyse recruitment practices and strategies in order to provide feedback which leads to improved recruitment. 

Dr Caroline Wilson

Dr Leila Rooshenas