Trial Design

NAIROS is a type of trial known as a ‘randomised control trial’. This means the group you are allocated to will be determined by chance, through a process called ‘randomisation’.

Randomisation helps us to achieve two groups of patients that are similar in every respect, with exception to the treatment they receive. This will help us to fairly compare these treatments at the end of the study. Neither you nor your doctor can choose the group you are assigned to, but the team involved in your care are confident that either group will be suitable for you.

Group 1 - Septoplasty

Surgery on the internal nasal partition (septum) to improve nasal airflow.

Group 2 - Medical Management

Nasal steroid spray and saline (salt water) nasal spray for 6 months to improve nasal airflow.

NAIROS recruited at 17 centres in England, Scotland and Wales.

A total of 378 patients were recruited to the NAIROS trial.

Participants will attend at least three appointments; an initial appointment, followed by follow up appointments 6 and 12 months after this. During these appointments, airflow in each side of the nose will be measured, and the nasal passages will be examined using a nasal endoscope. Participants will also be asked to complete questionnaires about symptoms, quality of life and financial impact.

Those undergoing surgery will also attend an outpatient appointment for the surgical procedure. More information about surgery can be found on the 'Links for Participants' tab.

More detail on the study process can be found here.