Expression of interest

What happened after patients expressed interest in the NAIROS trial?



After contacting your GP and being referred to your nearest trial centre, you may be invited for an initial visit. 

You will be sent an Information Sheet in advance of your visit, for you to read about the trial and what you will be asked to do.

The doctor will get you to sign a consent form to confirm your willingness to have your eligibility assessed. You will also be asked if you will consent to having the recruitment discussion recorded. More information on the recordings can be found here.

At your visit, the doctor will give you an opportunity to ask any questions, as well as show you a DVD explaining the trial in more depth. This DVD can be viewed here.

The doctor will also examine your nose and ask you some questions to assess whether you are eligible to participate in the trial.

At this point, if you are eligible and you wish to participate, the doctor will get you to sign another consent form confirming your willingness to participate.

Following this, you will be randomised to one of the two treatment groups (Septoplasty or Medical Management), and the doctor will explain how your treatment will progress from this point forward.

Please see the section on 'How will the study be carried out?‘ for more information on the trial pathway.