Will I be interviewed or recorded?

Audio-recording Recruitment Visits

We will ask your permission to audio-record any consultation where the NAIROS study and your treatment options are discussed, until you have decided whether or not to take part in the study.

This audio recording will help us to improve the way we explain the study to patients, by analysing the way doctors explain information during consultations, and to identify common barriers to recruitment.

If you agree to have your appointment audio-recorded, you will be asked to sign a consent form. 

You do not have to agree to your visit being recorded, and this will not impact upon your participation in the main trial.

More information about audio recording can be found in the information sheet here


Alongside the main trial we will request permission to carry out interviews with some participants in the trial, some patients who choose not to participate, and clinical staff.

These interviews will help us to understand:

a)       Why people do or do not wish to take part in the trial.

b)      Participants’ experiences of septoplasty or treatment with nasal sprays.

c)       How to put the findings of the trial into practice.

You do not have to take part in an interview if you do not want to - only a small number of participants will be interviewed.

Further information on interviews will be provided at your initial visit, or you can read the information sheet here